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The National Institute Of Electromedical Information

The National Institute of Electromedical Information (NIEI), founded in 1984 under the laws of the State of New York as a free standing, non-profit, charitable organization under section 501©3 of the Internal Revenue Code, provides an educational forum and communication network to further the development, advancement, promotion and use of Electromedical devices and therapies in all areas of healthcare. In recent years, the focus of NIEI has broadened to include attention to healthcare applications of consumer electronic devices, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical innovations and technological advances across the healthcare and medical landscape

Founded by the late Dr. Stanley Kornhauser (November 8, 1934 - March 9, 2012), the Institute has proudly served the needs of the biomedical community throughout the world, by functioning as an ardent advocote for the field of electromedicine, physical medicine, rehabilition and pain management. Through the tireless efforts and outreach of NIEI, the organization has built bridges and developed critical networks to optimize education, training, and research within the medical community.

By parterning with academic institutions, consumer groups and commercial industries, NIEI strives to create a better world by promoting and disseminating the importace and value of electomedical technology and pharmaceutical advances in the ever-important promotion of health and wellness, and the prevention and treatment of disease.