NIEI’s Consulting Services

Consulting services are available to members in the areas of:

    Product Technology Assessment & Clinical Evaluation

  • Scientific and clinical analysis of products and therapies.
  • Evaluating products and therapies for marketability.
  • Performance testing and quality assurance.
  • Equipment acquisition and financial placement.
  • Institutional review presentations.
  • FDA regulatory preparations.

    Identifying & Gaining Access to Sources of Funding

  • Networking to Creating Strategic Alliances
  • Introducing products and therapies to key industry leaders.
  • Forming collaborative research teams with OEMs.
  • Corporation and Partnership Syndication.
  • Opening new national and international markets.

    Market Research and Strategy

  • Feasibility studies and analysis of potential target markets.
  • Developing marketing strategies for product positioning.
  • Marketing innovative technologies through joint ventures.
  • Educating sales staff on selling to the target market.
  • Marketing medical practices.
  • Test marketing.
  • Literature preparation.

    Advertising, PR and Healthcare Marketing

  • Developing and implementing direct mail and advertising campaigns.
  • Creating and producing promotional advertising material.
  • Writing news releases and obtaining editorial and broadcast coverage.
  • Medical buying / placement of print and broadcast advertising.
  • Creating and producing audiovisual resources for promotion and education.

    Marketing Through Education

  • Developing and implementing educational programs for marketing for use as a marketing tool about new products and therapies.