NIEI concentrates its efforts in following areas:

An advocate for the field of Electromedicine, transplantation medicine, pain management, musculoskeletal medicine, MSK ultrasound, physical medicine, rehabilitation.

Develop networks to improve Biomedical education, training and research within the general medical community.

Support continuing medical education and external degree opportunities leading to the growth of knowledge in the field.

Disseminate information and ideas of mutual interest between NIEI membership and the general medical community.

Function as a “watchdog” to verify the scientific integrity of the information provided and claims made for Electromedicine.

"As our scientific and medical knowledge evolves, and restructures itself into the 21st century, our understanding and application of bio-electrical and electromagnetic phenomena has created a new basis for modern healthcare which we call electromedicine." - Dr. Stanley Kornhauser

Electromedicine -- The use of electricity (and electronics) for diagnostic and therapeutic medicine; the new basis for modern healthcare in the 21st Century.