NIEI Member Benefits

As a member of the Institute you will be able to:

EXPLORE innovative avenues and opportunities for your practice by discovering new ways to approach patient problems with Electromedical strategies.

LEARN about various Electromedical modalities that are used today and gain a greater understanding of new applications in specific medical specialties.

ENHANCE your knowledge of Electromedicine through exposure to the latest information from the medical device industry and techniques from clinicians in the field.


Membership in the NIEI can increase your knowledge and understanding of the Electromedical field and facilitate your professional growth. Why not join now by filling out the following application.

Mail completed application to:

NIEI, Membership Director

P.O. Box 43058, Nottinghan, MD 21236

For information about supporting the institute's Special Friends or Sponsors Program contact:

Dr. Mark A. Young, President

P.O. Box 43058, Nottinghan, MD 21236

Phone: 410.808.9700