Who We Are?

The National Institute of Electromedical Information (NIEI), founded in 1984 under the laws of the State of New York as a free standing, non-profit, charitable organization under section 501©3 of the Internal Revenue Code, provides an educational forum and communication network to further the development, advancement, promotion and use of Electromedical devices and therapies in all areas of healthcare.

The National Institute of Electromedical Information (NIEI), is composed of an interdiciplinary group of medical, health, and industry professionals committed to creating a better tomorrow by applying fundamental principles of electromedical techonology, computer research (Hardware and Software) and consumer electronic innovation.

Constituent members include physicians, nurses, nutritionist, physical therapist, occuptional therapist, speech therapist, social workers, physician assistance, nurse practitioner, pharmecidual thought leaders, consumer electronic industry experts and industry executives.